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Par Alexis M. (San Diego, United States) le 09 Apr. 2015 (Jilbab Al Houda Teen):

I love Al-Moultazimoun's "teen" collections, because I am short enough to fit into them I am 5'1" and the teen sizes fit me perfectly and give me more color options that the women's choices don't. I have no complaints about this jilbab at all, and I'd buy more in more colors if given the chance! Highly recommended to any short sisters out there who want more stylish hijab, but still want to retain the coverage of a jilbab. Perfect choice. A+

Par Alexis M. (San Diego, United States) le 09 Apr. 2015 (Jilbab Al Houda):

What else can I say? Good price, good quality, good style, and most importantly, good coverage and very comfortable. Would buy again in more colors for sure! Highly recommended.

Par Alexis M. (San Diego, United States) le 09 Apr. 2015 (Jilbab Sarouel Teen 10/18 years):

I bought the Jilbab Lady Najah a while ago, and since I'm short (only 5'1") the sarouel were too long and dragged on the floor. I decided to try this "teen" one, and it fits perfectly for a short woman! It's so comfortable, and even more affordable than the other Jilbab Sarouel for women! Worth every penny. I would buy one in every color if I could! Jazakalahu Khair Al-Moultazimoun!

Par Alexis M. (San Diego, United States) le 09 Apr. 2015 (Jilbab Makkah ):

I have this jilbab in Emerald Green, and even though I'm only 5'1", the 5'3" (smallest size) still fits me and it's not so long that I trip over it. I just need to be careful :) It's also made from lighter material than the other one-piece jilbab that I bought from here, so it's very light and breezy. I prefer the 2 piece jilbab personally, but for any sister who prefers the one piece style, this jilbab is perfect.

Par Shubk B. (Manchester, United Kingdom) le 04 Apr. 2015 (Khimar with gathers and sleeves):

Asalamalekum, I would like to write a review about this khimar with gathers andsleeves. I have not received it yet, as I am in the U.K. However, I am looking forward to it arriving, as I really like the way it has been designed. The sleeves allow you to move freely when in prayer, and the whole of the outfit is baggy, so as to show no outline of the female aurah/body. I particularly liked and ordered the beige/light browny colour. I think it is so versatile in the hijab covering the head to be one piece as well. Inshallah, I hope it comes soon to the U.K. so I may wear it for prayer, inshallah. Excellent dress for the muslima. Alhamdullilah

Par Sundus H. (Sheffield, United Kingdom) le 11 March 2015 (jilbab Fur):

I bought this jilbaab in black and I loved the material, drape and intergrated headband. I also liked the quirky furry sleeves!

Par Ksenia D. (Førde, Norway) le 11 March 2015 (Jilbab gilet Makkah Noir Nida):

I just got it and absolutely love it! Fabric is light, soft and fluid. It could be even better if it had the usual tie back head band though :)

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