Par Massa S. (Wolverhampton, United Kingdom) le 09 Feb. 2016 (Abaya Al Mukhtara):

Great abaya with beautiful fabric and great quality. Comes with hijab but would need underneath full neck bonnet to cover full.

Par Laurinsa Nurlaila S. (Waalwijk, Netherlands) le 05 Jan. 2016 (Prayer attire Arabesque):

This prayerset is very beautiful it is very silky and soft material. The Ghimar is very long but that is not a problem I think because you will use this only for the salaat

Par Amy B. (Hillingdon , United Kingdom) le 29 Nov. 2015 (Jilbab houda cocoon with pockets):

Masha Allah this 2 piece jilbab is made from strong and good quality material plus it is lightweight. It has neat pockets which are ideal for carrying small items like mobile phone or tissues. Alhamdulillah this arrived just before Jummah so I wore it to the masjid and sisters commented on how nice it was / is! The skirt has an elastic band at the back for comfort and there is an integrated elastic head band in the top which is comfortable and easy to put on. I strongly recommend this garment.

Par Amy B. (Hillingdon , United Kingdom) le 29 Nov. 2015 (Long Khimar mini-cuff lycra):

This garment is lovely with soft yet strong material and good durability. It's length is perfect for the sister who is taller than average or for a sister who is looking for more coverage. The head tie is easy to use and doesn't press on the ears. The small cotton integrated wristbands allow the jilbab to stay in place nicely and not blow around in the wind. This is a very nice dress for any muslimah in sha Allah

Par Sofia M. (London, United Kingdom) le 03 Nov. 2015 (Mini Cape):

This Mini Cape is very elegant MaashaaAllah. I ordered this in light grey. It's not completely mini, depending on your height as the back is long. This is a beautiful Cape, and ideal for those sisters who don't wear coats on top of their jilbab because they don't want it to be lifted up. I want to order another in black. It's not the first time I've ordered from Al Moultazimoun. The customer service is excellent and I've been pleased with every order alhamdulilaah.

Par Noor-Ul-Ain A. (Bradford, United Kingdom) le 29 Sept. 2015 (Jilbab Makkah 2 Lycra Sleeves):

I ordered this 5 days before Eid ul-Adha and i was worried it wouldn't come in time considering it was coming from France to the UK but it did! I got so many compliments on this (ordered in eggplant shade). I can't praise it enough its absolutely gorgeous with high lovely soft and high quality matte material the lyrcra sleeves give it such a cool edge and the size is perfect too (I'm only 5"1) Really an amazing jilbab mashaAllah and i hope more colours are released so i can order more inshaAllah!!

Par Nabeela A. (Stockholm, Sweden) le 03 July 2015 (Long Khimar mini-cuff lycra):

Mashallah,very good nice and good quality fabric and very light..ordered it in black and inshalla will order more..thank u al moultazimoun. keep up the good work

Par Nabeela A. (Stockholm, Sweden) le 03 July 2015 (Jilbab Hanifa Wool Peach):

Assalam alaikum,mashalla i rcvd this jilbab today and i must say its made with love!! Shukran to Almoultazimoun..its my first purchase and definitely will be purchasing more soon..got hanifa jilbab in black and its fits me perfectly.

Par Maria V. (Antwerpen, Belgium) le 09 June 2015 (Prayer Attire Cashmire 2):

Very nice dress, comfortable )

Par Maria V. (Antwerpen, Belgium) le 09 June 2015 (Abaya Salmabad ):

It is very nice dress, djazakummu Allahu hairan!

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