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By Zainub K. (Birmingham, United Kingdom) on 04 Jan. 2021 :
Product rated : Jilbab Makkah 2 Nida I struggle to find the right jilbab for me. I get headaches with the tie back headband but this is perfect. I bought 1 years ago and its been very good. But the nida fabric is even better. I was worried about the skirt being tight at the waist as i am size 18 but alhamdulillah its good. And the sleeves are perfect for wearing with coats and the headband perfect! Its everything i need all in one. It is a bit pricey for me but im happy and so far the stitching seems good too. Mah Allah reward you guys for providing this to us, ameen
By Annika B. (Geislingen, Germany) on 27 July 2020 :
Product rated : Jilbab Makkah Soft à poches Everything is fine just on the throat it's too loss. Its hanging down. I need hijab needles to fix it. But all in all beautiful colours beautiful design.
By Annika B. (Geislingen, Germany) on 27 July 2020 :
Product rated : Ensemble Active Wear New I got what I've been expecting. Its very nice and looks sporty. I chooce the colour green and it looks exactly like in the pictures. Thank you.
By Alice K. (Neuss, Germany) on 03 May 2020 :
Product rated : Long khimar Comfortable fabric and nice cut. I Love this khimar
By Sabiha I. (RochdaleOL11, United Kingdom) on 19 Nov. 2019 :
Product rated : Jilbab Makkah 2 Nida I'm very fussy with my clothes but I am in love with this jilbab and I've now ordered in another colour as it's so comfortable, easy to wear and doesn't crease easily so perfect for everyday wear. I originally bought for Umrah as I wanted something light but the fabric, the way it fits complimentary around my face and the practically of the sleeves is just wonderful mashaAllah.
By Amina A. (Mantes la jolie, France) on 20 May 2019 :
Product rated : Jilbab Al Houda Lycra sleeves Assalamo akaykom, love this jilbab. Can you please pay attention to the jilbab in kaki colour the headband is black and not all in kaki. Can we see this jilbab in nida fabric and tie back as well. Would love to have navy colour as well. Jazakom Allaho khayran
By Agija M. (Norsborg, Sweden) on 07 Jan. 2019 :
Product rated : Long Khimar integrated hijab Fabric wool peach is very soft and breathable . It will be perfect for summer days . Very satisfied . Only would wish that the chest area had 3 folds instead of 1 . It would cover the chest better.
By Agija M. (Norsborg, Sweden) on 27 Dec. 2018 :
Product rated : Long Khimar mini-cuff lycra Great fabric. Soft and light . Ordered in black and using it during the winter . I would like to order in other colours as well for summer as the fabric is breathable .
By Stephanie B. (Raleigh, United States) on 20 Nov. 2018 :
Product rated : Jilbab cocoon pockets skirt or sarwal After at least a year of visiting this website, I finally decided to place an order. I could not be happier with the products and the service that I received from this company. The material on this jilbab drapes well, providing excellent coverage without being bulky.
By Meghan B. (Greeley, United States) on 06 May 2017 :
Product rated : Jilbab Makkah 2 Nida I love both Makkah 2 jilbabs but prefer the nida fabric. It is lightweight and smooth, and rarely wrinkles. It is also very opaque unless you are standing still in direct sunlight with your arms out to your sides, and even then, your full form isn't visible. I also love the Lycra mittens, and receive many compliments on them. I get a lot of compliments from non-Muslims on how cool the style is of dress. Obviously that isn't the main goal with hijab or modesty, but it opens many dawah opportunities and the conversations have brought a few women to the masjid alhamdulilah. The price is slightly higher than some other places but the quality of the design, stitching and fabric more than make up for it, and the abayas last for years. Moultazimoun is always my preferred brand and although I've tried others, I always come back to Moultazimoun. Jazakamunnallahu khairun for your efforts to provide quality clothing to Muslimahs.
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